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Our next community meeting will take place on November 26th. Please come out and participate in your community.

Sollers Point Multi-Purpose Center
323 Sollers Point Road
Turner Station, MD 21222
6:30 P.M. Prompt

Our partners and stockholders always have a wealth of information to share.  Look forward to seeing you , bring a friend.  Continue to have a wonderful day!!

Gloria Nelson, President 
Turner Station Conservation Teams, Inc
"Committed to Community"

As most already know, we have a good chance for our community to be one of ten projects selected by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers  (USACE) for a Design With Dredge project. 

This project would use maintenance dredge material from the routine dredging of our shipping channel to enhance and elevate our shoreline starting at Fleming and continuing around to Clement Cove. (dredge material was used to create the land for the Key Bridge toll peninsula and much of the Port of Baltimore--maintenance dredging keeps our shipping channel open and our ports in business)

This addition in elevation adds protection for our community from the next hurricane and also the creeping effects of sea level rise. This project has been submitted with assistance and recommendations from many of our community partners.  The Turner Station Conservation Teams has partnered with the designer Mahan Rykiel and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to collaborate on the design and seek funding sources for the project match. We foresee a vibrant area for the community to recapture our connection to the waterfront.  We have met with some of our political leaders who are very excited about the prospect of innovative reuse of dredge material combined with a project that the state can be proud to replicate. 

Much and sincere thanks to the design engineer Isaac Hametz and his design students for their help to our historic community, also Doug Myers and Carmera Thomas of  the Chesapeake Bay Foundation for adding their expertise in bay restoration projects. 

Our Turner Station Conservation Teams monthly meeting is tomorrow, June 25th at 6:30 pm at the Sollers Point Multipurpose Center--323 Sollers Point Rd. Please stop in with any questions you might have or feel free to respond to this email. @ yrralban@gmail.com

This short video explains maintenance dredging---https://youtu.be/yiVhs5P0Zjg

This link is a draft of the whole project---https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Q3RoDc8SfsoEMXwnh2KjXBPV6YhAVNkM/view


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Turner Station History

The area that grew into Turner Station was once farm land owned by J. M. Turner as early as 1877.  The rural character of the area began to change in the 1880s when the Pittsburgh Steel Co. built a steel plant on land known as Sparrows Point. The steel mill was bought out by the Maryland Steel Co., and at that time Mr. Turner sold a portion of his tract to the Sparrows Point Railroad Company. The railroad company erected a station, naming it for the Turner
property through which the rail passed on its way to Sparrows Point.  As the nearby community grew, it took on that name – “Turner Station.”
The Maryland Steel Co. created a subsidiary called the Dundalk Co. for the purpose of overseeing construction of housing for workers near Dundalk. Building had just started when WWI created an astonishing demand for ships constructed of steel. As a result of this
increased demand for labor, many African Americans migrated to the area and created their own self- sustaining community with both housing and local businesses.  Schools, churches, grocery stores, fraternal organizations, restaurants, barber and beauty shops, doctors, dentists, gas stations, liquor stores, an employment office and clothing stores sprung up and prospered around the Turner Station stop with names such as the Balnew Cab Co., Allmond's Confectionery, Fanny Major's Community Laundry, the Anthony Theatre and the Adams Cocktail Lounge. The  Adams became the most popular black lounge in Baltimore, and patrons saw entertainment greats there, including Chick Webb, Pearl Bailey and Billy Eckstein.
After World War II, the community began to decline.  Between 1960 and 1970, the population decreased by nearly fifty percent, and services decreased as well.  At the turn of the 21st century, however, dedicated residents partnering with Baltimore County and private companies have been diligently working to revitalize the community, and encouraging signs of redevelopment have occurred. The Turner Station Conservation Teams  --a 501c3 organization(with seven distinct teams) was organized with a mission to change the community from one that has suffered from neglect to a vibrant, caring and attractive area, and members are dedicated to the revitalization of Turner Station that pursues development connected to the community's
long history of education and faith, its unique waterfront location, and its unique place in history.

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Our Community

Turner Station Conservation Teams has partnered with many local community groups, Baltimore County, local businesses, churches, and environmental groups and we all work together to connect residents with services---connect children with sports and opportunity---act on environmental oversight and health disparities--connect our faith to community action. --our website--Turnerstation.org

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Our Turner Station Conservation Teams meetings are the last Monday of each month at our Sollers Point Multipurpose Center at 323 Sollers Point Road in Turner Station, Md 21222. Meetings start at 6:30 pm prompt. --Turner Station Conservation Teams in Dundalk

Turners Station Conservation Teams

323 Sollers Point Road, Turner Station, MD 21222

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