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Sollers Point Branch of BCPL

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OUTSTANDING events for young and old coming to our Sollers Point Branch of BCPL

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Opportunity For A Community

Turner Station--we have an opportunity for our community to be one of the 10 communities selected by the Army Corps Of Engineers for a Design With Dredge project .

UPDATE 11-26-2018

  Baltimore County Executive-Elect Johnny Olszewski --

Last night, I had the opportunity to come to the Turner Station Conservation Teams, Inc. meeting, where we discussed the proposed Fleming Park, a shoreline restoration project with the potential for new recreational opportunities.

Congrats to the Turner Station Conservation Team for securing grant funding from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to advance the design and development of this important project in one of our treasured and historic communities in Baltimore County. I commend the Turner Station community for all of their efforts and look forward to the work ahead!

 Subject: Design With Dredge Project--an opportunity to protect a Historic Community

Turner Station Submission to USACE 1122 Beneficial Use RFP

We have an opportunity for our historic community to be one of ten projects selected by the Army Corps of Engineers for a Design With Dredge project. 
This project would use maintenance dredge material from a Dredge Material Containment Facility to enhance and elevate our shoreline starting at Fleming and continuing around to Clement Cove. (dredge material was used to create the land for the Key Bridge toll facility and some areas of the Port of Baltimore--maintenance dredging keeps our shipping channel open and our ports in business). This process could be repeated in other areas to protect communities and provide innovative solutions to dredge containment. 
This addition in elevation adds protection for our community from the next hurricane and also the creeping effects of sea level rise. This project has been submitted with assistance and recommendations from many of our community partners. It could be combined with other community projects.  But we still need help. This project requires a financial match that is still in question. 
Please contact your elected officials and have a friendly conversation about this project. Ask them to review this project to see if they have recommendations or financial paths to help this succeed.  


Much and sincere thanks to the design engineer Isaac Hametz and his design students for their help to our historic community. Sincere thanks to all who signed on or wrote letters of support. 
The project was submitted on March 12, 2018. You can see it here:

Larry Bannerman 

Digital Tour Of Turner Station




Happy to inform you that the final tweaks to the Community Exploration Trail map highlighting the rich history of T.S. is all complete and is now reflecting on the app. This map can be used as a self-guided walking tour to discover historic sites in the community, as well as recreational amenities. As presented at our April meeting, our GIS staff and Historic Preservation Chief worked on the maps and completed this project. Below is the link to the app and it is also posted in our home page under “News”(link below). You can also post it in your website. Check out the link! It is so cool. fyi, The health exercise equipment piece is alone missing. Once you all decide and Property Management works on that, we can add it to the app in no time.

Here’s the link the app:

The Men Under Construction


Saturdays at the Sollers Point Multi-Purpose Center from 9:00 AM -12:00 PM.


The Men Under Construction under the leadership of Louis Winston in cooperation with Alfred Harris, Bobbie Jones, Kenny Rice, Joseph Scott, Eric Smith, Norman Smith and Sylvester Williamson continue to mentor boys from 12-17 on Saturdays at the Sollers Point Multi-Purpose Center from 9:00 AM -12:00 PM. In addition to the weekly seminars by presenters of varied subject matter, the boys have enjoyed fun trips to the Reginald Lewis Museum, Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Festival in DC and the Forest Park Golf Course for First Tee. Basketball and car racing are the next planned activities. Come and join us! (Please share).

Fleming Senior Center Newsletter

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OCTOBER 2018---


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Job Opportunities from Henderson Webb

Maintenance Supervisor

Maintenance Technicians



Punch-Out Technicians

Bilingual Customer Service Representative